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October 10, 2011

Rooibos Muslin

 So I've cut out the pattern pieces, which I must say were thoughtfully layered in 4 manageable-sized sheets instead of being in one or two giant sheets. It must be the bane of all sewists to deal with such gigantic pieces of tissue paper... I swear!

I also did as the instructions requested and weighted my patterns instead of pinning to the fabric layout.  Somewhere in the middle of weighting the bodice on the fold, one of my cats decided it would be the FUNNEST to play with the weights (empty metal bobbins and quarters) and run and skid across the whole project.

Fast forward 15 minutes later... cat is locked in the office, and pattern pieces are weighted in place again.

Then I traced the pieces as accurately as possible, added dressmaker's pins in the dart markings on the front bodice (6 darts total: I hate making darts, love the way they look, though.)

This morning I pinned the muslin pieces to the dressform. I have to admit, this dressform has a much thinner waist than I do (it's so old that the metal fixtures inside are rusty and falling apart and/or stuck in place - Hey, it was $25 at Goodwill!)  However, the hips are actually a bit larger than mine, and the skirt section has a WHOLE lot of extra fabric. I'm wondering if I overestimated my size here. If so, I'm going to be psyched! Less Hips = Pleased Cassandra.
(No, I haven't actually gone to the gym yet...)


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