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September 28, 2011

Joinin' the Gym (again)

I finally cracked down today and joined the gym... again. I'm not getting any younger, and the metabolism really tanked after 25, so... I guess after a 3 year break from being in shape, its time to get back there, even though its going to be so much harder. Sigh... But seriously, its important to keep your body toned so you can live longer and with less pain. But getting thinner also means TAILORING!!!

Tailoring to make my clothes smaller is a real commitment. Once that serger knife slices off that seam allowance, its all over. No going back. Its the gym and salads or a whole wardrobe of ill fitting garments (Think, panty lines, cellulite and MUFFIN TOPS! Not to mention, "Back-Rack," Yuck. All of which I suffer from, at least mildly.)

I'm pretty excited for the new bod to emerge and to size down on the patterns, not so excited about the elliptical, but, such is life.

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