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July 31, 2011

Update on Reunion dress

So, I can't actually use the red lace around the waist on my reunion dress, as it's not stretchy. I can't fit that part over my shoulders or *other* wider areas. I'm thinking I'll wear the lace as a belt, however, maybe with a vintage button to attach it.

I finished the hem and attached the red lace to the neckline. It's very lovely if I do say so myself.
Also, since (now multiple) people have told me that a one-shouldered dress should only be worn when the hair is done up, I'm getting myself a 1960's up-do. That is... if the salon isn't booked that day. I called over 2 weeks in advance and left a message, so hopefully they will have some time.

If not, I suppose I'll see what I can get at another salon in the central Maine area. Not too much to choose from, up there...

Here's an example of what I'm thinking:

I would be most appreciative if there are any links you could post here for more vintage up-dos.

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